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Cote d’Azur Resort

The Team

Four five-star rated boutique hotels named after famous coastal cities in the south of France: Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez. 

Welcome to Côte d’Azur, a French Riviera resort with boat and beach lifestyle, just 6 km off Dubai shores.

Côte d’Azur is not just a second home but an authentic holiday destination. This stunning beachfront resort gives you access to the best of Mediterranean beach and boat lifestyle.

Home to 4 different Mediterranean city-themed hotels, each with unique amenities and dining options. From the exclusive marina to cultural festivals to the beach club and over a dozen of dining options, explore all they have to offer from the comfort of your Dubai beachfront second home.




True to the spirit of the French Riviera, Côte d’Azur Monaco hotel has something distinctive to offer to everyone. Here, a chic, international sensibility is blended with a cool heritage. Have you ever imagined waking up in a hotel that never sleeps?

Côte d’Azur Monaco offers you the best of the French Riviera: From premium rooms and party suites with ultimate smart automation services available at all times to the majestic balconies with panoramic views. Whether you are here for a day, a week, the full summer, or just a quick staycation, enjoy a fully connected lifestyle where entertainment and relaxation are always within walking distance: You are never more than a few steps from the Grand Azur swimming pool, the white sandy beach, the Monaco Marina or the hotel gardens.

This is the ultimate hideaway for the ultimate kind of vacation where one thing is more than certain: You will never want to leave this paradise again!



Welcome to Nice Hotel. Renowned for its bustling street markets, indulgent cuisine, over-the-top attitude and all-night beach parties, Nice, Côte d’Azur is for those who like to live the high life. Transporting you straight to the French Riviera, this vibrant, fun, and unapologetically bold hotel with 264 keys is the perfect place to experience never-ending yacht and pool parties, carnivals, exhilarating watersports, and trendy boutiques. Step into a world of colours, scents and new discoveries in our marketplace. A feast for the senses.




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