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Manuka South Honey UMF 24+
  • Manuka South Honey UMF 24+


    The Manuka South® UMF® 24+ Manuka Honey brings a new level of class to premium, high-strength Manuka honey. Encased in an FSC certified, beech wood case with 18 karat gold-plated, front-sliding gate and rear grill, this honey is a statement of luxury.

    The turned beech lid has been stained in ‘Manuka South® Golden Beech’ to match the laser cut beech veneer label. Accompanying this stunning honey is a turned, wooden honey dipper.

    The finished product comes in a corrugated cardboard shipping carton, for protection, which is sealed with the official Manuka South® black wax seal, to ensure authenticity.

    All Manuka South® UMF® premium New Zealand Honey is packed under UMF® license number 1053. You can be assured that our rigorous testing and the UMF® mark guarantees our products quality. Most genuine high-grade Manuka Honey from New Zealand like Manuka South® includes a UMF® rating on the label.

    SKU: MS24+
    • Ingredients

      Yeast, Corn, Wheat, Gluten, Artificial flavours or preservatives.

    • Direction

      Warning: Not suitable for infants under 12 months old. Store below 20°C

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