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Cutting board 55x42x6
  • Cutting board 55x42x6


    This cutting board in acacia wood is a chic and pleasant way to cut with your kitchen knives. Wooden cutting boards clean with a brush and a little soap under warm running water. Dry the cutting board with a dry towel and let it dry further without heat source to prevent warping.


    Every other month you can give your cutting board a "big maintenance". To thoroughly clean your cutting board, sprinkle the surface with bicarbonate of soda and sprinkle with vinegar. Next, give your cutting board a thorough scrubbing so that all the dirt is absorbed and rubbed away. Afterwards, rinse the surface under warm running water.


    To protect your cutting board from unwanted intrusions, rub it once a month with mineral oil or beeswax. Apply enough oil or beeswax until the surface is saturated and no longer absorbs any product. This way you have a nice protective layer again and your board is just like new.

    • Function

      - Raw products

      - Prepared products

      - Watch out for hot pots

    • Material

      - Acacia wood

      - Waterproof glue

      - Treated in oil bath

      - Finished with beeswax

      - 4 adjustable rubber feet

      - Not dishwasher safe

    • Form

      - Length: 55 cm

      - Height: 6 cm

      - Width: 42 cm

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