Five Star Winner...

Inspired by the Seychelles Islands: One Bayview is the Five Star Winner of the African Property Awards in Seychelles 2020-2021 in Four Categories

Achim Leiss

"Experience luxury, comfort and space… a sophistication to make you feel truly at home."
One Bayview is an expression of love and devotion to the Seychelles, an ode to beauty and exclusivity, not just an ordinary investor development, it is a deep personal journey that is consummated in these luxury residences.





With over one hundred islands,

there is something magical

about each one of them,

rightfully claiming

tropical paradise status.



A sea of crystalline waters that

surrounds the fine white sand,

the Seychelles archipelago is

where nature reveals itself in all

its splendour, a naturally intact,

breathtaking beauty.


 If you have purchased a property

in One Bayview you automatically

qualify to apply to the

Seychelles Government for a

Residency Permit.



The enchanting locale of the Seychelles embellishes everyday life, giving the

impression of a slower sunset and brighter stars.
One Bayview is situated in the heart of Mahé, in the most privileged area of

the largest and most vibrant island, which is shared by the majority of the

over 96,000 inhabitants. Mahé is also the home of the capital city, Victoria.
The capital of the Republic of Seychelles, Victoria, is located on the

northeastern coast of Mahé Island and is easily accessible from the

Seychelles International Airport, which welcomes flights and guests from

all over the world.
Exotic trees line our beaches for miles on end. There are no words to

express the sight of abundant coconut plantations, granite peaks and

virgin beaches.


Why Investing In Seychelles

Investors who are looking for freehold title investment opportunities in

a stable political and economic environment, will find the optimal

conditions in the Seychelles.
The Republic of Seychelles has set itself the goal of creating a safe

place for business and investments. It is also a growing economy

with expanding opportunities in Real Estate. If you have purchased

a property in One Bayview you automatically qualify to apply to the

Seychelles Government for a Residency Permit.



The combination of luxurious living and the professional service concept of One Bayview enable a home in a safe environment.

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Award Winning 2

Bedroom Apartment 



Award Winning 3 Bedroom

Apartment With Private Pool 






Award Winning Project

in the Seychelles


Highest standard of technology is combined with an exceptional design concept. The international award-winning architecture firm Feigin has redefined luxury living with One Bayview and sets a lifestyle maxim of a special kind of experience in connection with the nature and beauty of the Seychelles.

The combination of luxurious living and the professional service concept of One Bayview enable a home in a safe environment. A concierge at the reception is always by your side and will fulfill every wish.

A world-class financial center with no foreign exchange restrictions is offered. Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean with excellent air and sea connectivity to major hubs in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia brings perfect connectivity. All-year-round tropical weather offers the perfect surrounding for a private home in paradise. With an average temperature of 27°C and a range that rarely drops below 24°C or rises above 32°C you can enjoy the benefits of island luxury life.

The Professional and Experienced Team Behind One Bayview
In cooperation with experts from all over the world the project will be implemented in all its aspects with the utmost care. Award-winning architects Feigin Architects from Tel-Aviv, EkoArkitek Ltd - Seychelles and equally outstanding interior designers from London - Ara Design. An exceptional experienced project management team Atvantage – South Africa and a highly experienced German law firm: Cornea & Franz, will be on your side from the first request until the time you will enjoy the first glass of champagne on the terrace in your One Bayview home. This is just to name some key players who are dedicated to work hand in hand with the developer to make One Bayview a milestone landmark development far beyond the Seychelles borders. 
A team of international specialists who implemented condominium and real estate projects worldwide is working from the very first minute on One Bayview to ensure highest standards and a smooth process during the construction and sales period. All the knowledge is maximized here in a union for an extraordinary project. And right in the middle a developer who has internalized the special spirit and love for the Seychelles.

Architecture inspired by nature and design. Organic lines and natural curves topped with a marine theme reflect luxury and comfort, wrapped by a structure that expresses Seychelles' tropical strength and harmony.

Nestled between gardens, trees and ocean, greater integration is achieved. Our residences accommodate a private marina, an underground parking area, a resident's club, a gym, a poolside bar, a main pool and a garden, essential commodities that invite relaxation and a comfortable lifestyle.

Luxury and comfort, paired beautifully with sophistication makes you feel at home by spaces covered in abundant and peaceful natural light. Spacious, bright and elegant areas, where the tailor-made interiors reflect all your originality and lifestyle.

It will be your private paradise in the Seychelles, where everything that surrounds you, conveys excellence and exclusivity, all materials, textures and elements are carefully chosen, to ensure sustainability and balance.
The environment is exquisite and welcoming, through spaces in perfect harmony with nature and yourself.


While One Bayview is the ultimate in luxury and sophisticated Seychelles living, every element,from the architecture and design, to the landscape and interiors, has also been carefully planned to exist in perfect harmony with the surrounding area. Each of the five buildings is connected by an inviting, pedestrian walkway within a lush, tropical garden that offers a true botanical journey.

A solar study has been carried out to highlight the optimal position of each building and to ensure that the apartments do not cause excessive heat build-up from the sun while still providing perfect lines of sight across the ocean. Shutters and strategically placed windows further create natural cross ventilation aimed at keeping the residences cool and inviting.

In addition, great care has been taken to incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies in order to lower energy and water consumption. These include energy-saving lighting in the form of LEDs, rainwater harvesting for gardening use, individual air conditioning systems, responsible waste management and charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles.




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