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Four five-star rated boutique hotels named after famous coastal cities in the south of France: Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez

Welcome to Côte d’Azur, a French Riviera resort with boat and beach lifestyle, just 6 km off Dubai shores.

Côte d’Azur is not just a second home but an authentic holiday destination. This stunning beachfront resort gives you access to the best of Mediterranean beach and boat lifestyle.

Home to 4 different Mediterranean city-themed hotels, each with unique amenities and dining options. From the exclusive marina to cultural festivals to the beach club and over a dozen of dining options, explore all they have to offer from the comfort of your Dubai beachfront second home.

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A feat of innovation achieved by a marriage of engineering and imagination, The Floating Seahorse villas are an epitome of timeless design and craftsmanship spread across three levels including a spectacular underwater floor.

As well as providing the world first floating underwater experience the 131 Floating Seahorse villas will be home to unique special features, state-of-the-art technology and outdoor climate-controlled areas. The Floating Seahorse are connected to the islands with floating piers.

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Portofino will be the first five-star family-only hotel and resort in the region. The project is an investors and familys’ haven with authentic Italian architecture, landscape and harbor, clear waters and stunning views of the sea and the Dubai skyline.

The hotel comprises of 3 expansive wings offering atmospheric and open views over the sea, the beach and the pools / gardens, each named after popular Italian terms that evoke the charm of Italy: Bellissima, Dolce Vita, and Felicita. This upscale family hotel is home to a kids club -Kingdom of Portofino - and a ladies club and spa - la Donna. All suites have huge storage space, a kid’s bedroom and a playroom equipped with toys.

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With just 9 luxury waterfront Beach Palaces with their own exclusive beaches and exotic lush gardens, Sweden Island offers the ultimate privacy and relaxation in palatial settings.

The ambience will be refined and exclusive, with carefully curated events exclusive to the residents. Each estate is a fairytale Maldivian castle offering enchanting sea views.

Influenced by the Swedish architecture and lifestyle, the Palaces offer 6 floors enveloped in the private, secluded exotic garden with the surrounding white sandy beaches. Special features include snow and sauna rooms, floor-to ceiling windows, breath-taking views of Dubai’s famous skyline, expansive balconies, a gym and spa, a private infinity pool and landscaped gardens.

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Waterfront Villas Inspired by Bauhaus Architecture

The exclusive domains of buyers with an eye for great and grand places. These modern and sleek villas are equipped with high technology and sustainable features with panoramic views and commanding details, such as floor to ceiling windows and suspended staircases, designed to make staycations and holidays unforgettable.

Contrast that with the island lifestyle, infinity pools, white sandy beaches, exotic gardens with specimen trees and plants, a blue sea water lagoon and the Dubai skyline as the ultimate finishing touch.


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