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The Ultimate Italian Escape

The Team

Portofino will be the first five-star family-only hotel and resort in the region. The project is an investors and familys’ haven with authentic Italian architecture, landscape and harbor, clear waters and stunning views of the sea and the Dubai skyline.

The hotel comprises of 3 expansive wings offering atmospheric and open views over the sea, the beach and the pools / gardens, each named after popular Italian terms that evoke the charm of Italy: Bellissima, Dolce Vita, and Felicita. This upscale family hotel is home to a kids club -Kingdom of Portofino - and a ladies club and spa - la Donna. All suites have huge storage space, a kid’s bedroom and a playroom equipped with toys.


Key Features

463 sumptuous suites with balconies

800 sq.ft to 2,773 sq,ft 

All suites have a kids room & playroom with toys

Lobby with 514 aquariums

Kids club, Kingdom of Portofino

Key Features

Ladies Spa & Lounge, La Donna

7 cultural festivals annually

5 swimming pools, including Olympic size pool

Direct access to the family section of Rainbow Beach

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