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The Brand

Some say fashion never sleeps. Well, neither does designer Pieter Van Wilder. A deeply passionate and charismatic man who’s put his creative mind, heart and soul into each piece of his high-end contemporary lounge fashion label ‘VAN WILDER’.

His designs are elegant, refined, streamlined, trendy, flattering, but maybe most important of all… timeless and wearable for almost every occasion. Each design captures strength and sensitivity.

Describing the man behind the brand in a few words will be challenging. As long it comes to all aspects of lifestyle you can ever imagine you can win his attention. He’s always in for a good chat and his down-to-earth attitude makes him even a more beloved person.

Pieter has always followed his passion and love for style and beauty throughout his career so far. He sees himself as the author of his life where fashion is a form of communication.

After graduating at The Design Academy of Ireland in 2013 and awarded as Young Fashion Designer by Fashion Angels, he still is fine-tuning his talents. Pieter is more than only a designer. He is also working as a Creative Art Director, Image & Fashion Consultant, Make-Up Artist and Lifestyle Health & Energy Coach. He believes that everything starts with finding balance in your inner-you to succeed and get the most out of everything.

P. Van Wilder

Fashion Label VAN WILDER_Kimono Dress_Yumi_2.jpg

As a newbie in the fashion industry, Pieter will try to find his way step-by-step to share his vision:

“Simplicity is the key to ultimate beauty”

The fashion label ‘VAN WILDER’ was established in 2015 by Pieter Van Wilder and reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance, with a focus on fine, quality-high fabrics and the perfect fit. He targets modern and independent women and men who wants to take her/his outfits from daytime casual to chic evening wear.


One of the current biggest fashion trends is the off-the-shoulder style. The Kimono dresses are created this way that you can perfectly wear it asymmetrical and show off one bare shoulder. The rectangular neckline is width enough to let one side fall down your arm. When you obtain to wear your dress this way, keep your hair off your bare shoulder. You have got it on show so don’t cover it up and feel gorgeous and innocent sexy.



Discover a hearty, yet stylish tone!

Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth. This highly varietal shade combines dramatically with neutrals, including warmer taupe’s and greys. Because of its burnished undertones, sultry Marsala is highly compatible with amber, umber and golden yellows, greens in both turquoise and teal and blues in the more vibrant range.

Cfr. Kimono Dress ‘YUMI’.

Fashion Label VAN WILDER_Comfort Suit_Nibori_1.jpg


You can tie and wear your blazer in different ways. You can wear it the traditional way by using the buttons and tie up the blazer at waist height. You can leave your blazer open and tie the belt at the back or front (never in the centerpiece of your body). However you can wear it even more fashionable and stylish : the ‘Kimono-way’. Overlay the left side of the blazer and tie the belt in the front with a soft single knot. By wearing the blazer this way you will not only accentuate your waist, but you will make your chest and shoulders even more impressive & physical trained.



Combine your comfort suit with a long-sleeved printed shirt in blue, green or grey tones and boots in black or brown to create a powerful, stylish look. Perfect for a long working day or an evening out with family and friends. Dare to mix and match both colours of the comfort suit. The collar of the blazer has an accent colour which will refer to the trousers.

Stores: Janny's boutique, Leuvensesteenweg 210, 3070 Kortenberg ( Belgium ) 02 757 60 60
Fashion Label VAN WILDER_Kimono Dress_Yumi_2
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