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“one day I accidently upturned an expensive paint pot on a piece of work while painting, to save some of it I started scraping the canvas. What came out of it amazed me and the result actually pleased me. My style was there”.

F. Coorens


"Artwork Plunges Us Into a Stirred World Where Bodies, Colors, Words And Graphics Overlap Each Other To Create a Unique Atmosphere"

By transforming collective references and their unbridled rhythm of succession into desacralized representations, François Coorens inscribes them as a visual corrector, giving the image its essential message.
Its technical trait has the value of a liberating virtue. The multiplication of layers of paint, acrylic spray and charcoal cover the superfluous, drawing from voyeurism and impudence to draw its depth.



Because a kid of the '70s and '80s knows how to talk to his contemporaries, he plunges himself into his desire to observe, to translate, to move forward, to swallow.


With the doubts and assertions that accompany his inspiration. "There is no ideal texture. For a while, I liked the glitter, the glitter. I was loading every square inch.
Today I'm working to let the subject breathe, to be able to create the object, to restore history, to make room for interpretation and fantasy." An approach without economy, built as a succession of clips and clichés slammed off-screen.

Francois Coorens


Is a Belgian artist born in 1971, trained in graphic design in Saint-Luc Liège

from which he graduated in 1993,

he has made art his profession for 20 years, with, in 1999, a real start in the form

of a challenge: in 100 days, he realized 100 paintings inspired by the Shoguns.
The press and the public have followed him ever since to understand what

contemporary art has in common with real life. 

Worldwide clients and expositions in Ibiza, Miami, New York, Brussels, St. Tropez and  many other places in the United States, France, Germany, Belgium, etc.


From Kate Moss To Daft Punk

Hypersexual bodies, trashed icons, to come out of frozen images and determined roles.

"My favorite paintings are those in which there is a real release-and-take."

A force. Something in front, inside, and underneath. When I paint a face and I dare

erase it at the end with only one detail, it's out of dissatisfaction. And that's

how my creative process is built." Rant, subtlety and instinct, in an instinctive,

almost relentless way. a mix of television, cinema and tabloids references painted on large and provocative boards. George Clooney, Connor McGregor, Kate Moss, Beyonce, John Travolta, Prince, and many others have been immortalized by his brush.



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